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The Notting Mansion

Launch time:2021-04-08
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1555245454.jpgThe Notting Mansion

Enjoy life. The ecology suitable for inhabitation.

Bird-chirping, fragrant flowers, wetland, green shade, sceneries and gardens.

The Notting Mansion. Leisurely life. Exquisite life.

The project lies in the north of Shaxi Nanhuan Road, to the west of Zhendong Road and in the core area of the New City to the south.

The project is marked by exquisite small multi-story buildings in reasonable array, coupled with meticulous decoration and installation, hence rendering various possibilities of life for numerous residents. Besides, it is encircled by mature supportive facilities such as shops, schools and hospitals. Surrounded by Jincanghu Park and Yinxi Wetland Park, the residences offer intoxicating life with picturesque sceneries.

High-quality gardens make sure that every household can enjoy sceneries and green shade so that residents can be blessed with mother nature without going out. This is an exquisite and elegant community characterized by low density and high-quality with modern ecology suitable for inhabitation. This is a piece of superb work perfectly combining humanism, dignfied buildings and eco-gardens.